How To Sort Directories First in the Linux Terminal

1. Code Used 1: ls –color -h –group-directories-first 2: alias p=’ls –color -h –group-directories-first’ 2. Example Usually, when you type a simple ls command in the bash terminal your files will be displayed alphabetically: If you want your files sorted with the directory listings first, you can use the following command: ls –color -h –group-directories-first … Continue reading How To Sort Directories First in the Linux Terminal

Buying Cryptocurrencies Is Not Investing

There have been some harsh words spoken on ‘investing’ in cryptocurrencies. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger have trouble even calling it investing. You might think that these Bitcoin-critics are just jealous over missing the big returns Bitcoin has offered over the past years. You might also think that these people are just old and out of touch with our new digital economy. Then again, these people have been successful so you might also dig a little deeper and try to understand why they are opposed to cryptocurrencies.

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8. Loosing Weight While Eating McDonald’s

When you try to loose weight, you’re often get guilted into disliking companies that provide fast and convenient food. McDonald’s comes to mind quite quickly. Although I do believe that eating more fruit and vegetables is beneficial for your weight-loss goals, I do want to give an example of how you could incorporate McDonald’s into a weight-loss strategy. After all, there is no sense in following a weight-loss diet if you’re constantly miserable. Even worse if you start looking down at (and feeling morally superior to) people who don’t follow your way of eating. Continue reading “8. Loosing Weight While Eating McDonald’s”